how did king charles spend his last few hours In source b they have succeeded to cut off king Charles the firsts head. a woman is fainting because king Charles the first is dead because they cut off his the painting king Charles the first look handsome and he wore two shirts because he […]

King Charles was now kept in prisoner In carisbrook and right now he was now dead.

1. Cromwell was in charge of England. In 19th century historians considered Cromwell to be a great reformer and a man of principle. However in modern times many historians use examples from his actions in Ireland to say Cromwell was an inhuman monster. Refomer means to make it better. man of principle: Rebel:

The new model army englands first truly professional army, the parliament wanted the best so training was tough.   why parliament need the model army? the kings cavarly performed well and parliament realised that they needed a better army so that they could the civil war and he want to win the war.

roundhead: they were men who fought for parliamentarians. they had bowl cut hairstyles. cavaliers:  they were men who fought for king charles the first. they dressed fashionably and had long hair. cavalry: soldiers who fought on horseback.

I think that king Charles the first disscoves that the parliment want money for his revenge that what he did to james the first and he want him dead in the civil war.

A dragon guarded a treasure in the cave. ‘In the grave on the hill a hoard it guarded.’ Someone come and in and steal a golden goblet.’In hand he took a golden goblet and gave it back.’ A dragon woke up and the thief ran away and he was very scared and he took a […]

we did some doors and we made some tunnels and weapon like swords and we fight and we kill people and find a way out of the tunnel.

They three men called thomas marshall james ducat and Donald Mcarthur. three men they disappeared in the flannan isle. the boat set sail

we learnt to…. to enter created mode you press esc to connect rooms created rooms to pick up items to fight to select bag